Shooting Death in Connecticut, 26 Killed

A man of 20 years, which is thought to be suffering from mental disorder, breaking into an elementary school in Connecticut, 62 miles northeast of New York City, on Friday morning (local time), December 14, 2012, and indulgence of shots in all directions. Reportedly, 26 people were killed, including the gunman who eventually committed suicide in the school complex.

The gunman later identified as Adam Lanza was first shot dead his mother, who is a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He then shot indulgence in all directions, killing 20 students aged 5-10 years. Five adults were there also victims.

United States President, Barack Obama has delivered a televised condolences directly. In his statement, Obama condemned the shooting. “The most of the victims being killed today are children. Children who are aged 5-10 years,” he said with full of grief.

After a long pause, Obama said as he wiped his tears, “They should have a long life ahead of them: birthday, graduation, marriage, and children of their own.”

The police are currently checking the brother of the gunman, Ryan Lanza, to try to find out the motive of the shooting. A dead body that is allegedly related to this incident are found in other locations in Connecticut.

The shooting death in Sandy Hook Elementary School is one of the worst in the history of the United States. Earlier, a similar mass shootings have occurred in 2007 in the University of Virginia Tech, which killed 33 students.

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