Snow Threaten Middle East

The abnormal storm threatened to target Middle East with rain, snow, and hail. At least nine people were reported dead in Syrian refugee camp.

Two other women found dead in the West Bank on Wednesday (1/9/2013) local time after their car drifting due to flood. Meanwhile, a 30-old man froze to death in the Bekaa Province in Taalabaya, Lebanon, after he fell asleep drunk in his car.

The snow strom struck the city of Syria. It adds to the suffering of the people of Syria who are affected by the internal conflict. Their lack of fuel and electricity.

In Jerusalem, the school closed at noon following the strong winds, hail, and heavy rain hit the city. The temperature of the city is only slightly above freezing.

Polar air masses moving down from Russia sends cold temperatures to the south of Cairo.

Winds and flash floods are reported to have caused damage to infrastructure throughout the Palestinian territories.

“Palestinian infrastructure damaged and they were not able to deal with this weather,” said Chief Medical Aid Northern City of Nablus, Ghassan Hamdan, told Al-Arabiya on Thursday (1/10/2013).

Heavy rains that began last Sunday flooded everywhere. Transport chaos. Evacuation was forced to do by helicopter.

Local officials warned of below-normal temperatures threaten Jordan. Temperature is expected to turn water into ice. Jordan Police also warned of traffic accidents can happen. Dangerous conditions have caused 700 traffic accidents in 48 hours.

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Snow blanketed at Tabuk desert in Saudi Arabia
Various photos uploaded on social networking featuring snow blanketed the barren desert Tabuk in Saudi Arabia a conversation topic in cyberspace.

Natural phenomena that appear in Tabuk into a new type for local residents and to pose and capture the rare event.

It snowed for a week last week in Tabuk region located in the mountains of almonds within 160 km from the downtown of Tabuk. While in the city of Tabuk, found no snow at all.

Worst Blizzard Hit Israel
Worst snowstorm in 20 years stopping public transport, closing roads and schools in Jerusalem and northern Israel, which borders Lebanon, Thursday (1/10/2013).

Officer bearers emergency municipal affairs Elisha Peleg Israel to Jerusalem, the city urged residents to remain at home. He told Israel Army Radio the heavy snow hit the area since 1992 on Wednesday evening.

Snow, 10 to 15 centimeters hit the middle town and outlying areas.

Public transport lack, and many vehicles that are on the streets could not move. Residents should stay at home.

Israel Radio proclaim a highway connecting Jerusalem to Tel Aviv closed. Many northern Galilee region crippled by snow, with 30 inches of snow blanked almost town of Safed.

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