South China Sea Conflict, a Threat to The Security of Southeast Asia

The Defense equipment and military personnel guarding the main Indonesian maritime territory needs to be strengthened. This is based on the increasing potential threats to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia that emerged from Indonesian waters.

The threat comes from the warming of relations between countries in the region, especially those located in the South China Sea.

Strengthening Army personnel and Navy weapons system needs to be improved given the escalation of threats also increase. The biggest security threats and challenges that exist in the region of Southeast simmering conflict today is the South China Sea, which involves several countries in the ASEAN region such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and etc,.

This needs to be wary of foolishness and the South China Sea is one of the world’s busiest sea lanes. In addition to being used by a large number of countries in the region, the line was also used by countries outside the region.

Other security concerns that need to be tackled together is overcome evil cross country (the transnational crime) and border security issues, etc. The border region is far from supervision often utilized certain parties as a gateway of illegal activities, such as piracy/counterfeiting, smuggling, arrests lkan illegally, forest encroachment, illegal panning peg pegs illegal boundary passage and border.

From the side of the budget, Jokowi, if elected the next President of the Republic of Indonesia by strengthening budget to safeguard the maritime region. That as a country we have to give maritime strengthening against the leading budget politics is enlarged, it was given the increasing territorial threat of escalation that is. We are the majority of the waters of the sea fleet thus raised so that we too can do critical border surveillance.

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