Splashy Trip of PIG 05049

Christien Meindertsma found there were 185 products that use a substance in the body of a pig.

Simon Chapman bored. Thousands same question into an email professor of public health at the University of Sydney, Australia was. Email senders from around the world are Muslims. They all asked, what was the cigarette filter contained pig blood cells?

Chapman also was running out of time to answer emails one by one. “Sorry I was no longer interested in discussing the matter. I was flooded with e-mails with the same email you sent,” said Simon.

Chapman then invited me to read a paper which he submitted. There, you will find answers to all my questions.

In March 2010, Chapman was interested in reviewing the book of photography entitled PIG 05049 by Christien Meindertsma. He was interested in reviewing the book for the book of the Netherlands mentioned there are 185 types of products made with raw materials from the remains of a pig. Foods that are forbidden by Islam and the Jews. Anti smoking activist Chapman was more interested because one product made from pig hemoglobin is a filter cigarette.

Christien research began after she graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 2003. She researched a pig with the code “PIG 05049” on a farm in the Netherlands. She did the research for three years to see what happens in pigs after slaughter. What are the products that resulted from a pig?

The woman doing the investigation starting from the company to pork butcher, a small company that produces something using part of the pig’s body. She interviewed people who make, sell and develop raw materials obtained from “PIG 05049”.

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PIG 05049 Christien noted the remains have been made into 185 different products. Number of products that includes 186 common we encounter such as bacon, pork and sausage. Others used as gelatin in beer, cheesecake and some material that is used as an antikoagulasi heparin.

Well, she also noted the pig used in the hemoglobin filter cigarettes.

Results of the research were later published under the title PIG 05049 in 2007. Research is complete with graphics and images of products, exhibited in an exhibition in Rotterdam 2008 and then in New York, United States (USA) and London, United Kingdom. PIG 05049 by Christien, won three Design Awards Netherlands (2008) as well as the appreciation Index (2009).

Christien, told me, claiming to have no idea what is a filter cigarette in Indonesia also contain hemoglobin pigs. “Only cigars from Greece that I know of contain hemoglobin pigs. I don’t know if Greece cigars are also sold to Indonesia,” explained Christien in an email.

Driven desire to prove there’s actually Christien research a number of products containing pig hemoglobin, Chapman did a search via google with the keyword “porcine haemoglobin”.

Expert Adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) also found a lot of industries that use pork. Chapman for example find news researchers released the findings of technology Greece smoking ‘ biofilter ‘ in January 1997. This invention called the revolutionary findings because it can reduce the danger of smoking compared to millions of Greece other smokers around the world.

These systems contain hemoglobin from unnamed sources called an artificial lung. She said, the system is able to protect smokers from 70 percent exposure to tar, oxygen-free radicals and nitric oxide and this is all without altering the taste and aroma of smoking.

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Biofilter technology was then used by BF brand cigarettes made by cigarette companies Greece SEKAP. SEKAP Website describes the biological filter, the launch of the first world is the culmination of the renewal of the company, and delivered the biggest cigarette factory SEKAP second in Greece.

At the same time, the Government of Greece allows the use of healthier smokers claim in advertising in 2002. They claim that the biofilter system can neutralize the evil in various components of smoking and provide a higher protection to smokers, all of this is printed on the back of cigarette packs. Finally, cigarettes were exported to BF Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

After BF cigarette factory, then Russian Donskoy Tabak promote cigarette brand 21 VEK. The Russian also claimed the factory using the “three segments biofilter” containing activated carbon, using special blend made from hemoglobin.

At the same time the factory filter Choice Filters also create filters with hemoglobin that is claimed to be sold in the Americas and Canada.

Completed research “porcine haemoglobin” via google that, on March 30, 2010, Chapman issued a release titled “New book on pig products reveals problems for Islamic, Jewish and vegetarian smokers” Australia to the media. This release contains, among others, the Australian Associated Press (AAP), the UK Daily Mail online, the Times of India, the Jakarta Globe and the Calcutta News. After the release, Chapman only interviewed Israel TV. He never interviewed for other media.

Well at the end of June 2010, Professor from Australia’s visit to Jakarta. About 15 reporters Indonesia raised release Chapman as news. His visit to Jakarta Post-this is the news getting enlarged by taking references to the AAP.

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Unfortunately, according to Chapman, the preaching of an enlarged is not accompanied by evidence that is accurate. Most reported the publication of Christien referred as evidence that a pig hemoglobin contained in cigarette filters.

The news then much made reference to strengthen the evidence for illegitimate smoking.

One of the organizations in Africa, the South African National Halaal Association, for example, issued a pamphlet posted on its website and disseminated in all mosques in the country. The pamphlet claimed that the use of pig hemoglobin, cognac and rum in the manufacture of cigarettes is correct.

“This is what gives rise to debate the length of peretail, smoking and Tobacco Control community,” explains Chapman.

Laboratory test smoking done in some countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Turkey. In Indonesia, the LPPOM MUI conducted a study and concluded not found in pig hemoglobin filter cigarettes, even though research methods of MUI doubted by the tobacco control community.

The issue of the hemoglobin pig was then kept rolling and result in insistence that tobacco control regulations were made. These regulations are expected to require that cigarette industry to write the raw materials contained in their cigarettes. With raw material written by Farr in cigarettes, the cigarettes containing sacred raw material not used in the muslim community.

Chapman also received a lot of emails, especially from Muslims. “They want to know what brand of cigarettes in their country containing the blood of pigs,” the story of Chapman.

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