Sultan Hamengku Buwono X Open The Sekaten Festival

The Sekaten Festival (PMPS) 2012 opened officially by the Governor of The Special Region Of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on today (12/21/2012). The Sekaten Festival activities themselves will commence on 21 December to January 24, 2013.

Although accompanied by spatter, hundreds of residents gathered at the North square. After giving the speech, the opening marked by the beating kenong accompanied by the Mayor of Yogyakarta, H. Haryadi Suyuti. The opening was also enlivened by the ballet of SMK 1 Bantul with the dance of the five districts in the province.

In his speech, the Governor of The Special Region Of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X explains, PMPS is people who market jazzed up by the industry and the SMEC in Yogyakarta to develop the economy of the community. The concept of the sekaten annually changed, adapted to the existing conditions. “It becomes a creative innovation that needs to be constantly guarded,” Sultan said while opening the 2012 PMPS at the North square.

In celebration of the Sekaten festival there are three inseparable elements, there are cultural, religious and historical. The Sekaten festival is a form of Javanese culture that has religious, fairly long history of activities of religious symbols to dynamic events such as this.

In its development, the Sekaten festival expected to not only be just but must be a high-profile media and cultural dialogue on the development of the past and the present, The Sekaten festival should inspire new thinking for the social economy.

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Although since 2011 the activities The Sekaten festival budget allocated in the Regional Budget, but the Sultan saw the policies taken everything went well. “I give you an appreciation of all parties continue to work to improve people’s economy,” he said.

Now, the Sekaten Festival cultural communities still exist despite the many challenges faced. “Sekaten could become extinct if the buffers and spirits are lost,” recalls Sultan.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Yogyakarta said as media message of Islam is characteristic of Yogyakarta, in line with the theme of harmony Religion, Culture and Economics will be more cultural elements that elevate opportunities of cultural performances in the Performing Arts 45 villages. As well as providing a place for economically Forkom SMEs exhibition of 14 sub-districts in Yogyakarta.

There is a new in the implementation of the Sekaten festival 2012, all vehicles parked in the North Square to anticipate the occurrence of congestion around the point O Km and surrounding North Square.

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