Suspected Meteor Objects Crossed San Francisco

Suspected Meteor Objects Crossed San Francisco

After falling in Russia, space objects that are thought to be a meteorite also reportedly passed in San Francisco, California. Local people reported that they saw a ball of fire that flies on Friday (15/2) local time.

As reported the Ibtimes (17/2/2013), blinding light traverses the sky San Francisco Bay was not a sonic boom, resulting in broken glass or damage such as caused post-meteor’s fall around Urals Regions, Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Friday morning local time.

“Ball of fire that happens every night, all over the world,” said Mike Hankey, manager of the American Meteor Society at Pennsylvania State University, adding that fireballs are usually invisible because of the fall in the ocean. But the media attention on the events of the fall of the meteor in Russia, make it all pay attention to the sky. But according to Mike, the meteor was usually broken up into small pieces and it’s difficult to find.

Mike’s colleague, Jonathan Braidman says, fire ball in California seems to be a small part of a large meteorite could somehow crosses the Earth’s atmosphere. Although local authorities received dozens of calls of strange activity related to it.

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“This is a very common occurrence,” said Braidman also said the events of the fall of a meteor is rarely so close to where people live.

Unlike in Russia that an explosion injuring hundreds of people, the trajectory of space objects passing close to the Earth in California absolutely no effect.

“It seems like I have seen in October last year, but its shape is a bit smaller,” said eyewitness Gina Johnson through her existing camera on the dashboard of her car.

“It (the fireball) greenish-colored as in October. Everyone in the parking lot stopped and stared at her, “added Gina who records at 08: 45 pm local time when heading south towards the coast of San Francisco.

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