Syria Published A Letter The Arrest Two Members Of The Parliament Of Lebanon

The main General of Damascus Attorney Mohammed Marwan Al-Loji has issued three arrest warrants against two of members of the Parliament of Lebanon, and accusing them of sending weapons to create guerrillas in Syria, Syria’s official news agency reports, SANA, on Wednesday (12/12).

Al-Loji issued the third of arrest warrant letter to Saad al-Hariri and Oqab Before as well as a citizen of Syria, Loai al-Mikdad, a spokesman for the insurgent group of the Free Syrian Army.

He added that prosecutors were told about the phone records that revealed the involvement of Saad al-Hariri and Saqr in providing money and weapons for terrorists in Syria.

In a statement released by SANA, al-Loji said, “The crimes committed by all these people are involved in terrorist acts and terrorists, making them worth dealing with international law on terrorism.”

He urged Lebanon to hand them over to the Syrian government to be punished. He added that the Prosecutor continued to collect evidence and to follow what has been disclosed in respect of any statement UATA phone calls are recorded.

Meanwhile, Lebanese National News Agency, on Tuesday (11/12), announces Interpol in Lebanon’s domestic security services received through the network of the letter of arrest against Saad al-Hariri, before substitute and al-Mikdad on charges of arming the guerrillas of Syria.

Interpol arrest warrant will refer to the Special Crimes Prosecutor.

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