Syria Using Chemical Weapons Against The People

A few videos uploaded by the activists showed the use of chemical weapons in Syria. In the video, a fire broke out after a tank is dropped from a plane and take out the toxins.

News of the use of chemical weapons occurred after the United States Government claim Syria has used chemicals that hit a nerve gas, sarin. However, Syria denied the claims.

Al-Arabaiya reported on Monday (10/12) The Syrian government says will never use chemicals to fight people. They blamed the opposition behind the possibility of using chemical weapons.

In another video, military opposition is seen using a patron of chemical weapons or gas. A number of media also expressed a chemical substance has been included in the bomb to the plane of the war.

United Kingdom Foreign Secretary, William Hague says there is evidence the Syrian Government actually uses chemical weapons against rebels. The weapon was used during the conflict in the 21 last month which killed 42 thousand people.

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