The Creators Of Tuxuci Electric Car Disappointed His Work Was Not Appreciated

The creator of the Tuxuci electric car, Suryatama Danet, was disappointed for his work to build an electric car is not appreciated.

“As an Indonesian, I really wanted to do something for this country. But I got even my copyrights violated,” Danet said when contacted in Jakarta on Thursday.

According to Danet, the party that violated the ethics is an auto modification workshop company, Kupu Kupu Malam located in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

“Unbeknownst by me, the car engine of Tuxuci belongs to Dahlan Iskan were disassembled to pieces. This is not in accordance with the agreements we make must maintain the confidentiality of the technology in this car.” said Danet.

Associated with it, came a guy ITS a doctorate in Michigan, United States, said that Dahlan Iskan as the owner of the car is also partly responsible for cribbing his work effort.

Without involving himself, Dahlan and his men let Kupu Kupu Malam and two engineers from The Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta debunking electric car that recently produced in a single unit.

“I don’t count on if I am not involved in the mass production of Tuxuci Electric Cars in Indonesia. However, how do the demolition without permission is copyright infringement and have reduced my interest to develop electric cars made in Indonesia. In fact, I was eager to see the automobile industry Indonesia developed and developing countries in line with world-class automotive manufacturers.” said Danet affirms.

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As known, The State Enterprises Minister, Dahlan Iskan known as a figure who is keen to develop electric cars nationwide. To realize his dream Dahlan initiative gathers the best sons of the nation he called “Pendawa Putra Petir”.

One of them is the Danet Suryatama, who has experienced working 10 years at Chrysler, America’s leading automotive companies to return to Indonesia.

He was told to return to Indonesia by Dahlan Iskan. He fill and sincerely wants to help the auto industry in Indonesia, but all he get is an unpleasant treatment, his copyright is not appreciated.

Meanwhile, The State Enterprises Minister, Dahlan Iskan when asked to respond to allegations of plagiarism technology Danet do it, reluctant to say much.

“Tracing how if you have a car, if your car is in damaged, should you have to go to the creator?” said Dahlan.

“With or without Danet, a national electric car will run. Currently, a special battery plant for electric cars have been developed, including the creation of engine technology” said Dahlan.

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