The Conspiracy of Commonwealth Nations in Southeast Asia

Provocative action of the three neighboring countries in Indonesia is a neat and structured with a single command. The purpose of the three countries in a mutual defense cooperation corridor supports appropriate Commonwealth Charter.

Indeed, there is the theory of “coincidence” in layman’s view when Australia expel asylum seekers to Indonesia. Or the appearance of orange lifeboats in southern waters, then Singapore suddenly protested naming KRI Usman-Harun. Shouted later with a burning fishing boat from Papua in the waters of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

After Malaysia failed to do its job properly, the three other countries that our fellow man’s land at the Queen Elisabeth at Buckingham took over.

The question and as unthinkable by the people of Indonesia are; “Is there a scenario happened, not an accidental coincidence?

First, the naming of The Indonesian Navy warships KRI Usman-Harun is not instantaneous, it needs time and since the beginning of construction of the ship have been formulated. Then it was decided precisely on December 12, 2012 after through discussion. Singapore is actually from the beginning also already know, then why this time contesting it?

Second, The Australia who have informed the leadership turnover, since Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister does look in contrast to Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard. But Abbott had no choice but to play his role, at least until the mission is completed. Until it is clear who became his colleague in Jakarta.

Third, the PNG that had barely been printed in broadsheet newspaper the news on Indonesia, which does not want the Western Papua of more affluent, only plays a role that is so part of them. Why they do an action which a sadist now?

Fourth, Indonesia is undergoing the process of change of head of State and will face in this year’s parliamentary elections. This is a crucial and decisive year for Indonesia and the region. The leader of Indonesia is the most “powerful and decisive” in Southeast Asia as well as influential in the Asia-Pacific region, the political situation in Indonesia will be a matter of foreign policy of every Government, especially in the Pacific region. Once again, it’s not narcissism, this is the reality of how the world looks at the position of Indonesia since the era of Soekarno.

Once paddle, two or three islands exceeded
It is unfortunate if the naming of The Indonesian Navy, KRI Usman-Harun is seen as a matter of inconvenience Singapore on Indonesia. Likewise with abuse by Australia over Indonesia territory only as Aussie versus The Republic of Indonesia because illegal immigrants only. Or PNG in the barbarian action of Indonesian fishermen is merely a violation of marine borders in the coincidence that at the same time?. NO!

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There is a general pattern that are not detected, because we are directed to look at the issue with any country it is in black and white, and each stands on its own. In fact, we should be critical and observant in monitoring the development of this country and its relation to transnational relations. The importance of global presence blocks Indonesia often do not become part of the initial analysis, so we are almost always too late reacting and determine the position.

Singapore, Australia and PNG as well as Malaysia are working in the same rhythm and patterned well with either a single conductor of the orchestra. The goal is to make sure a few things to know and certainly want to take advantage of the momentum of the fourth points above (2014 elections). What’s the purpose?

  1. To Get The True of The Information of Indonesian Military Power

    The Data collected are sustainable by the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand are not precision. There is a difference between a minimal budget, the number of ARMY combat power are monitored. Financial support and minimal armament technology is inversely proportional to the power at Indonesia Army. Indonesia’s military during a mysterious still is regarded by the world’s major powers.

    As the military of other countries, indeed such is supposed to be safeguarding the ARMY strength. However, the mystery of Indonesia military forces are considered more important to measure because of the references of the historical factors Aligned that he carried.

    Australia always directs his eyes on Indonesia’s military often feel cheated when looking at the ability of TNI soldiers. Malaysia itself should feel embarrassed when a naval ship at sea maneuvers at Ambalat driven not only by a smaller warship, but by the presence of two Indonesian Navy soldiers in the venues of their ship. Somehow both of them can go up and either since when, but both were successful forcing RMN ships reversed course leaving Ambalat.

    With these provocations will hopefully show up a lot of information about the number of Indonesian army forces and whose guns are officially both in reliable media and media from Indonesia’s own party. TNI is not as powerful as bullying power of China or Iran, but this is where lies the curiosity of our neighbours.

  2. Companion of The Old Reactions
    Singapore’s successful run the mission, at least at this time because Russia comes to the surface of looking at a problem that is considered quite warm. Indonesia may not be interested in open-war with Singapore, but Russia looked to signal help if something goes not conducive. The emergence of Russia is not uncommon and not reckless, because the bear red tend to stay away during the new order and keep your distance during SB Yodhoyono’s ruling. Moscow deliberately responding to the annoyance of Singapore, but they also give a clear message that its position would see a pattern of the one command on the behavior of PNG and Australia.

    That does not mean Russia is stuck in Singapore, but the game play goes on, the more heat is being targeted by Russia, that Indonesia would not be allowed such as Egypt or Syria. That is, a message clearly intended for Russia “conductor” Quartet (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and PNG), in order not to try to impose their choice appropriate leaders in Indonesia as they do in Egypt or try to enforce in Syria.

  3. The Indonesian Leader is The Order of The Conductor
    Indonesia is expected to elect a leader to match the tastes of superpowers, one who favors the survival of its allies in the region. Singapore small cannot live prosperous if Indonesia does not give privileges, so too did Australia let alone American hegemony would be much diminished without Indonesia. It’s also important note the position of the Indonesian army will favor where whom in the event of a dispute with China over the South China Sea.

    All the above interests need someone who according to the wishes of the Superpowers and profitable, and it is one that should be similar to SBY or Soeharto. Even from the military, even both of them are General, but they are the golden boy, often subject to America. America’s hate of the idealistic leader like Wahid, Megawati Soekarno, let alone or which is Non-aligned.

    Criteria of the Indonesian leader desired by Washington was a businessman or military background is a must, liberal idealism, and not Soekarnoism, nationalist or Islamist. Singapore strongly want figure like Prabowo or Wiranto, both a close friend of Singapore.

    The interferences with military force and the three neighboring countries that intended to give description of a potential war in Indonesia. In a State of tense geopolitical conditions of the people of Indonesia, is expected to elect a leader from the military. What is done by Singapore, PNG and Australia is the provocation for herding the opinion that Indonesia now and in the future still need a President from the military.

  4. The South China Sea
    A few days ago, China’s war exercises in international waters near Christmas Island after crossing the Sunda Strait. Australian Parties also recognize, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

    What China has done in the southern sea of Java it is legal according to international law because the exercise took place in international waters. In addition to their only form of exercises and manoeuvres aiming for but not using ammunition weaponry. But China’s action is assumed to indicate the strength of the Navy to the international world. And it’s all done in the middle of Australia’s defence policies are more focused to Indonesia and other powers in East Asia.

    It is more interesting when the position of Indonesia that impartially on the sea dispute conflicts in the South China Sea, while China always reminds his support on Indonesia related Papua. The China fleet strength campaign is not only addressed to Australia but also to the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. It also includes giving a message to the United States (US) and India, two countries that it could not block the vital sea lanes through the Strait of Malacca.

    China’s measures are considered to be permission approval from Indonesia as the owner of sea flow, Alur Laut Kepulauan Indonesia (ALKI), towards the waters of the Indian Ocean which became their new strategic priorities. It is at once demonstrates the readiness of China in the military to protect his interests exert on the Southeast region when needed. Shared geopolitical interests include helping Russia in Indonesia in particular.

    China as a major new player match American dominance needs to continue to improve the power in Asia and globally. Indonesia needs to see action on China, Russia’s Ambassador in response of the provocations of three countries as a form of drag draw “attention” Indonesia as a country of great comfort section. The leader will be chosen partisanship, has measured the actual military forces, who are defenders of Indonesia Besides Russia to direct voter opinion is ‘once a paddle, two of the three also exceeded‘. That is the purpose of annoyances of the three neighboring countries.

Our mentality that often inhibit the inferior self-confidence, so that stuck on the idea that the problem is happening with neighboring countries is an issue between two countries (bilateral). We are not accustomed to thinking and analysis lists how much we respected and feared by foreign parties. This is not a form of narcissism, not superiority, but also a form of appreciation and sense of trust in yourself.

Do we want to get stuck with that neighboring country game indulgence wants war because of anger? Or do we follow their desires and follows opinion in order to elect a leader from the military because it assumes the situations are not conducive?

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