The Crimea Officially Merged With Russia

Russia on Tuesday March 18, 2014, finally signed the Treaty to receive the Crimea becomes area following the results of the referendum showed a majority of residents want the Crimea returned to the territory of Russia.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin signs a draft treaty with Prime Minister of Crimea and Russia’s Parliament Speaker, after earlier giving a speech the state tinged standing ovation the member of Russia Parliament.

In his speech, Putin emphasized that the results of the referendum of Crimea which shows 96 percent of citizens of the region want to join with Russia to make the referendum’s results cannot be doubted.

Putin says historically, cultural, religious, and spiritual is tied with Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. It shows the attitude of Russia toward the Crimea.

Putin added, the Crimea has a dark note in the history, in particular discrimination against ethnic of Tatar Crimea and other ethnic minorities.

The Government of Crimea looking for ways to treat the wound. One of the Crimean Tatar language is receiving as the official language with Russian and Ukraine,” Putin said.

In the speech, Putin also denounced the policies of former Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev. Because, in the reign of Kruschev, Crimea Ukraine without approval is awarded to people of Crimea.

The separation of Crimea from Russia back occurs after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This is also a Moscow mistake,“added Putin.

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Russia respecting the result of the breakup of the Soviet Union, including the fact the Crimea became a territory of Ukraine at that time.

Putin stressed, the issue of Crimea will not interfere with the relationship of Russia and Ukraine, which have already lasted a long time.

Russia sees relations with Ukraine are paramount,” said Putin.

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