The Different of Any Other Terrorist With ISIS

The Indonesia National Counter-terrorism agency said the handling of conventional terrorism suspects differently with followers and sympathizers of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“Obviously different, though ISIS came from Iraq, Al-Qaidah,” said Deputy Prevention and Protection Deradicalism, Major General Agus Bhakti Surya then contacted Yogya Post on Sunday, August 3, 2014. According to him, the offender can be likened to adhere to conventional terror understand the sheer, while radical adherents understand ISIS do the practice of treason. (read: The ISIS Network Has Entered Indonesia.)

According to Agus, adherents know ISIS as doctrined so that it recognizes the establishment of a new Islamic State. They are considered not recognize Indonesia’s sovereignty. “They claimed to be loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq-Syria on Indonesia’s sovereignty. This is treason,” he said.

The Video contains a solicitation from a group of citizens of Indonesia to join ISIS circulating on YouTube site, 22 July 2014. In an eight-minute video with titles Join the Ranks, someone who calls himself Abu Muhammad al-Indonesi ask citizens of Indonesia to support the struggle of ISIS into a world Empire.

Observers of the criminal act of terrorism, Al Chaidar, said members of the ISIS doctrines has about 2 million people in Indonesia. Although there are no definite data, Al Chaidar claimed the information came from his colleagues who’ve joined ISIS in Iraq.

[youtube Io-XwO4ZBZ0]

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