The Eruption of Kelud Same As Merapi

The eruption of Mount Kelud in Kediri, East Java, rated as great as the eruptions that occurred on Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta, in 2010. However, the eruption of Mount Kelud volcano with different active for one month continuously ejects material.

It delivered by Surono, the Head of Geological Agency in the office of the Presidency, Friday (2/14/2014). “Last night, it was 10:50 PM to as high as 17 kilometers, equal to Merapi on 5 November 2010,” said Surono.

Materials issued reached 100 to 200 million cubic meters. While the Merapi Volcano ejects material from entrails with it for a month. Kelud eruptions were short.

Kelud has erupted in 1919. This eruption caused a crater lake on the mountain. In that year also, 40 million cubic meters poured out of Kelud and inflicting casualties to 5,000 inhabitants.

After that, Kelud erupted back in 1966. In 2007, Kelud is explosively erupted again with an effusive Eruption (melt). Beginning in 2007 occurred on Thursday (13/2/2014) night.

The eruption of incandescent lava spewed last night accompanied by bursts of ash and gravel as high as 17 kilometers. There is quite a large stone in the middle of the crater that had existed in Kelud had been thrown as high as 17 kilometers.

Peak activity of Kelud caused the ash rain to Yogyakarta, Cilacap, Wonosobo, Purwokerto, Bandung.

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