The fighting in Aleppo is Over

The military action has ended in Aleppo, said Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin. To pass, the Government forces have already seized the last region of Russia controlled the rebels in the city.

This development could lead to the end of the fierce battle over four years in the city, which killed thousands of people. The reporters in the field reveal, it’s no more bombing and firefight during the last few hours.

The rebels already were distressed earlier to a very small area in the city after massive Government offensive backed by air power Russia.

Agreement was reached over the UN report on the killing of civilians by government troops. According to the report, there is evidence that 82 civilians killed in four regions, and still much more likely to have been killed.

The United Nations and the U.S. Government say that Syria and its allies Russia responsible for all the atrocities in the city. Russia denies and says that the allegations were not true.

According to the latest information we received in the last hour, military action in the East of Aleppo has ended,” said Vitaly Churkin at UN Security Council emergency session. He talked about the deal that allowed the rebels to leave the city, and that processes it will last for several hours.

Civilians can stay, they can go to safe places, they can benefit from humanitarian assistance. Nothing will threaten civilians,” said Churkin. The rebel groups stated that civilians will be combined in groups of exodus.

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Takeovers of the eastern part of the town by Government forces and the destruction of the rebel pockets there was a major propaganda victory for the Government of President Bashar al-Assad, which is currently controlled almost all of the city with a large population.

But the most densely populated cities of Aleppo before the civil war and is the financial center of the country-is the biggest victory.

Aleppo became a symbol of victory not only to Syria, but rather for its allies, Russia, and Iran.

Aleppo itself probably is not a big factor in Moscow’s chessboard strategy. But the defeat of the rebels there underscores the extraordinary fate changes to President Assad.

Before Russia’s intervention, President Assad had been at the tip of the Horn, his military strength was further collapsed.

External actors have attested to the Assad Government primarily to secure the strategic aspirations of their own. And aspirations which will play an important role in deciding what comes next.

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