The Impact of The Kelud Eruption, 288 Flights Cancelled

The impact of the eruption of Kelud on Thursday (13/2/2014) night, a total of 281 flights to and from the 5 airports in Java were cancelled.

The airline’s service users on request to select a landline because until now uncertain when flights will be operating again.

Juanda international airport, Surabaya suffered a number of flight cancellation the greatest, 166 flights. Adi Sutjipto airport, Yogyakarta becomes the second most abundant with 55 flight. Semarang Ahmad Yani airport, having 33 cancellations. Meanwhile, the airport Adi Sumarmo, Solo, canceled 14 flights. Abdurrahman Saleh Airport, unfortunate cancel 8 flights.

The number could still keep changing depending on Kelud volcanic activity. Just now can also report airports in Bandung also have been hit by ash and closed. Tunggul Wulung airport in Cilacap last also closed due to the volcanic ash exposed.

Due to the eruption of Mount Kelud is included to force majeure factors, then the airline cancelled flights for routes that traversed was exposed to volcanic ash, freed from its obligation to pay compensation.

If not force majeure that damages must be made as provided for in the regulations the Minister of transportation number: PM 77 year 2011 About the responsibility of the Air Carrier

The airline is also in the process to request refunds or refund to the user company. The refund process should also be done with an easy process.

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