The Internet Will Be Stuck Within Five Years

The world of the internet is threatened jammed caused by the capacity of optical fiber cable infrastructure is the backbone of a global network that will not be able to offset the new large-sized content they consume.

Moreover, later voracious bandwidth services streaming video more vibrant range of use.

Optical fiber cable is theoretically capable of handling data transmission of 100 terabit per second or equivalent to 250 pieces of the Blu-ray disc. Despite the large capacity of this impressed is estimated to have been inadequate in just the next five years.

If so, the internet would apply like a motorway traffic jam. Traffic would be slowed down because of inadequate network capacity for the amount of data fro.

Cable optical fiber capacity may actually be enhanced by strengthening the level of light delivered. But there is a point at which light would undergo saturation too high and even inhibit the transmission of data.

So, what can be done? Scientists have a number of universities in the United Kingdom are trying to find a solution to increase the capacity of the backbone of the internet.

One of the offered method is to create a new kind of optical cable has “many core” so as to be able to send larger amounts of data. But such cable is more difficult compared to conventional optical fiber contrived.

Any proposed solutions, scientists should be able to commercialize and produce it in large scale. If not, then maybe internet bandwidth should be rationed or limited time already jamming.

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