The Offender Rapists Were Present at the First Trial

The case of the rape and beating of a student in a public bus in New Delhi, India on December 16, 2012 and then finally on trial. For the first time, the five suspected of rape and murder of a college student India finally appeared in court to hear the charges against them on Monday (1/7/2013).

Quoted from Al Jazera on Monday, the public prosecutor in the trial, held court in the District of Saket, New Delhi, Rajiv Mohan says, people are really respect wide closely.

The five suspects, including a boy of 17-year-old will undergo a trial in juvenile court. The suspects arrived at the court located in the District of Saket, New Delhi, with super escort. Armed police on guard outside the Court. The officer also escorting the suspects since the car of prisoners brought in from the police station to court. TV footage showed police car blue is believed to be transporting suspects from prison of Tihar has arrived at the gates of the Court before the hearing.

The Court Held Closed
India police say have found forensic evidence linking them to the killing of 23-year woman. The suspects face charges of kidnapping, robbery, rapist and murder conspiracy.

Media mentions, as many as 30 witnesses have been collected. Documents for this case is reported as many as 1,000 pages.

Mohan describes, there are DNA evidences to ensnare the defendants present at the crime scene. “The blood of the victim collected with a stain found on the clothing of the defendant, threatened with the death penalty” said Rajiv Mohan.

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The defendant is Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Vijay Sharma, Akshay Thakur, and Pawan Gupta. All of the suspects lived in New Delhi.

The tense atmosphere seen at the Court. More than 150 people watched the trial. In fact, its capacity only accommodate about 30 people. The presence of the media from within and outside the country adds to the boisterous atmosphere.

The tension was going on in the courtroom even since before the suspect arrived. The atmosphere is hot it triggered a debate related to present or whether the suspects in the trial.

“You’re not going to defend them, the barbarian!” yelled a young lawyer while pointing at Manohar Lal Sharma, a member of team power law suspect. Local professional associations asked the Court not to present the suspects because of their sensitive of the case.

Judge Namrita Aggarwal then have all parties not related to the case to leave the courtroom so that the suspect can be presented. When the command is run, Aggarwal chose to leave the courtroom.

After a restrained, Aggarwal re-entered and ask for a hearing or case India tragedy tragedy New Delhi it is carried out is covered. The judge also banned all broadcast media related proceedings without the permission of the Court. The whole process of the trial will take place. This is done for the sake of the safety of the suspects, he said early in the trial.

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The Court predicted would turn the case into a fast-track trial. Such courts are usually used to treat cases of concern to the public.

India police have suspects Lariat with article murder, rape, and kidnapping. If found guilty, they are threatened with the death penalty. Actually, there were six suspects in the case. However, one of them a 17-year-old boy.

A juvenile court will decide whether a suspect 17 year old could be tried as adults. Because, in the legal system of India, the age of 17 years is still considered immature.

Rape cases that afflict Jyoti Singh Pandey, 23, is reaping the outcry and sparked demonstrations in the country and in the world. Pandey died of wounds she suffered 13 days after a brutal gang rape. She was raped and beaten in a bus when it was about to go home after watching the movie called Life of Pi in the movies with her boyfriend.

The perpetrators then robbed of valuables belonging to them and dispose of victims at the edge of the road. Her boyfriends suffered a broken leg during an interview with Agence France-Presse last week, recalled that he and Pandey on private bus at that time. However, the bus driver committed fornication and allowed five suspects entered into and locking the door.

He claimed to be beaten with an iron-stick while the perpetrators of rapes Pandey. The perpetrators also persecuting victims of wounding on her most private part. The driver uses a rod of iron-stick for the attack, said Awindra.

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An investigator, Rajiv Mohan said, a DNA test results prove that the victim’s blood with patches found on the suspects’ clothing. In a separate interview with Reuters, Awindra recalled that the actor brings them circling in New Deli for two hours before being discharged into the street. At that time, they were in a condition unable to stand and naked.

Awindra claimed that no one helped him for about 25 minutes. But, finally came three police cars were seen victims. In fact, the police had time to argue over who will handle cases related to jurisdiction of the crime scene.

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