The PPATK Suspicious Financial Transactions of The Ministry of Religious

The Ministry of Religious back into the spotlight. This time the Center for Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis (PPATK) highlights a number of suspicious transactions that occur in the ministry led by Suryadharma Ali.

PPATK chairman, Muhammad Yusuf said, it saw the implementation of a managed Hajj Directorate General of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization, the Ministry of Religious Affairs is not done in a transparent manner. Even assuming there is a suspicious.

According to him, every year pilgrims from Indonesia are placed away from the Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām or the Grand Mosque. In fact, he said, PPATK since 2004 has recorded an additional IDR 80 trillion of money of the Hajj Operation Costs (BPIH) in an interest of about IDR 2.3 trillion. When it bought the apartment in Saudi Arabia or Mecca, pilgrims maybe would not be difficult to accessed, said Joseph in a press conference at his office on Wednesday (2/1/2013).

In addition, there are also some allegations of irregularities were found by PPATK in The Ministry of Religious Affairs. Exemplifies the use of funds for the renovation of BPIH office buildings. In fact, for the development has been provided in the Budget and the State Budget post.

The same thing also happens when purchasing vehicle operations. Purchase using State Budget funds instead of BPIH. Why not from the money the ministry, there is a deviation.

PPATK also suspect elements in The Ministry of Religious who buy foreign exchange (forex) in large quantities and continuously. Why you people continue to buy and where? Survey also, lest traders less costly.

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It’s still linked money of Hajj, PPATK also highlighted the selected bank by The Ministry of Religious to save the hajj budget (ONH). The selected Bank to save the ONH was supposedly described also explained to the public, because it is influential in the interest rate of deposits.

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