The President Ask Entrepreneurs Reported Illegal Fees

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked the businessmen who got the pressure to pay the illegals levy to the wild parties are irresponsibly dared fight with report it to related parties or directly to the President.

“Among the corporates said there are still disturbing illegal fees, thus increasing the ability of labor income. Companies that feel under pressures to pay illegal fees, can be reported directly to 9949 to my office, 24 hours,” said the President when giving direction to the Governors, Regents, Mayors, Chief of Police Officer, and Commander from all over Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday.

The head of State expected by the unfolding economic blockage in the form of depletion of high-cost economies, then the company can realize the welfare of workers.

“If it can all be done will all benefit. I have already conveyed in the upcoming labor income improved by notes does not occur, a sweeping attempt at coercion and when this company continued developing will not be possible,” said the President.

In other parts of the direction, the President said the Government’s policy in the field of employment was clear that ensuring workers get a decent wage and get justice.

“Specifically to address the issue of labour, the Government’s position clear on this issue, the wages of labour welfare and indeed should be more increase and more feasible, it is our moral obligation, the era of cheap labour and out of justice is already over,” said the President.

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The President stressed that all parties are good representatives of employers and trade unions should sit together and discuss the issue of wages and employment.

“All the talk about the main please properly bipartit, unions and the employers association,” said the President.

The President is also ask to the companies to meet demand related labour demand reasonable pay all labor and in accordance with the actual conditions of the company, on the other hand, said the President, workers also have to show good work ethic.

“Workers demands are reasonable and the company’s ability to be met. Workers also need to maintain the discipline and its productivity, and not do a sweeping or interfere with the work in the company. It is not justified, and police have a duty and responsibility to prevent such impositions,” stated the President.

The head of State asked if there are companies that are having trouble should be able to ask for help so that the Government can solve the problem together.

“If there are companies that are having trouble, do the talks with the Government, the Government should also be willing to respond in order to get a good and fair solution for the workers, for the company so as to benefit both parties,” said the President.

The President added, “The national economy continues to move in the interest of all.”

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