The President Of The Czech Republic Refused The American Ambassador

President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, the Prague Castle closed its doors for the Ambassador of United States in the country, Andrew Schapiro. The decision was taken after Schapiro’s criticism of the plan had the presence of Zeman in commemoration of World War II in Moscow, Russia.

European Union leaders to boycott the memorial service which will be next May 2015 on occasions as a sign of protest over Russia’s actions towards Ukraine. However, Zeman said that he would still be present to represent the Czech Republic.

Schapiro also criticized Zeman’s pullout plan. According to him, the presence of Zeman as the only EU country leaders will look awkward.

I can’t imagine if the Czech Ambassador in Washington will provide referrals to the United States where the President will go, I will not let any Ambassador arranged a trip abroad I am,” said Zeman as quoted Reuters.

Shows strong protest, Zeman again said, “the door of the Palace was closed to Schapiro’s Ambassador.

However, one of the Czech presidency spokesman told local media that Schapiro can still attend social events at the Palace.

Zeman, the Czech Prime Minister before being elected President in elections in 2013. Unlike previous Presidents who have only a ceremonial role, Zeman is also strongly suggested his opinion regarding political policy within and outside the country.

As the holder of government responsibilities in foreign policy has always been like-minded EU action against Russia denounced Ukraine. However, Zeman was often raised criticisms of the sanctions to Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

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