The Twin Banyan Tree of The South Square of Yogyakarta on Fire

The twin Banyan tree locate at the South Square of Yogyakarta on fire on Sunday, August 3, 2014. The cause of the burning of one of the twin banyan tree is still a mystery. Some claimed allegedly due to discarded cigarettes are still blazing dumped into the fence any banyan tree, but there is also the opinion that it is associated with the occult.

As mythologized, twin banyan tree at the South Square has a number admonished as if one can get past the banyan tree with eyes closed, then that person wishes would come true.

According to Slamet, one of the cult followers of Javanese, the burning twin ringin in the South Square could be a sign of weakening the power of the Yogyakarta palace. Long ago, a twin banyan bastion that has a charm.

There is a talisman on it, or else there are attacking the palace, immediately lost his strength after passing ringin twins,” said Slamet.

However, as a function of the twin banyan changed. “It could be that (weakening of the palace), but now the function has been changed,” he added.

However, Slamet do not want to speculate. But he believes there is a sign behind the burning twin banyan South Square.

I believe this is a sign of something, either a warning or the other, we have to think about it,” he explained.

Meanwhile a Yogyanian Cultural, Purwadi said this event marks a sign of the loss of humanity in Java. As he means is memayu hayuning bawana, the nature-loving attitude.

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If it is true because cigarette butts or human behavior factors, means we are in the land of Java already lost one handle on life, namely mamayu hayuning bawana. Life must be in harmony and balance with nature,” he said.

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