The United States Economy Weakened, Is The Rupiah Would Strengthen?

The exchange rate of the rupiah against the United States dollar (us) predicted is in range-rate IDR 13,055 to IDR 12,985 Central Bank Indonesia (BI) on Monday (6/4), with a tendency strengthened due to the weakening economic data of the United States.

Head of Research of PT Korindo NH Securities Indonesia, Reza Priyambada says, in contrast to the combined share price Index (IHSG) tend to be weakened, the positive rate of the Rupiah is still going ahead of the long holiday.

It seems the sentiment from the rate of rise in the price of oil turned over United States oil reserves decline and fears of a breakdown in nuclear talks deal on Iran and the weak United States data makes the rate of the United States dollar weakened so that it provides the opportunity for the Rupiah to strengthen,

It also supported the strengthening of the strengthening of the currency area. The rate of the Rupiah is above target level IDR 13,080 resistant. With the weakening trend still rate Us dollars could provide a chance for Rupiah to remain in the green zone.

But, there are still release of data on United States unemployment claims as possible will give the sentiments on the US dollar. Be aware and keep the anticipation if the potential reversal of direction.

Meanwhile, throughout the week-long ago, the rupiah was able to turn positive. The rate of the Rupiah has not yet budged from the red zone early in the weekend. This condition is more or less the same as those he gave before, where not much different to the previous, appears to be the rate of the Rupiah is still strong enough to turn around the direction with the assumption of positive sentiment yet. so that it can raise chances of further weakening.

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Back to the emergence of the uncertainties in Greece which imposes on the weakening of the value of the Euro to fall in the price of crude oil turns around to make the rate of the US dollar had increased. The rupiah was again exposed to the outbreak so continue weakened.

On other days, although the rate of the Euro is still continuing uncertainty over rising pelemahannya in Greece, but the rate of the Rupiah was able to go to the green zone.

Swept up in the rising SUN auctions before absorption which produces the bid to cover ratio numbers much larger than previous SUN auction gives a fairly positive, the electrical.

In addition, the release of the inflation of 0.17 percent lower than our estimates (0.43 percent) and consensus (0,19%) as well as the increasing rate coupled with the Yen and Yuan as expectations of economic improvement will each also provides a positive so swept up in the rate of the Rupiah can move on strengthen.

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