TNI Defends Commander Displaced Rohingya Boat In Indonesia, Willing To Give A Help

TNI Commander General Moeldoko says, the Government will not allow the territory of Indonesia had entered the ships displaced Rohingya. According to him, humanitarian assistance continued to be given to refugees who fled from Myanmar, but still prohibit their entry let alone pulled over on the Mainland Indonesia.

To the Rohingya, they travels along the Strait of Malacca, if they is no trouble at sea, then it must be assisted. If there’s any hard water or our food aid, because it is linked to human. But if they entered our territory, then the task of the ARMY to maintain the sovereignty,” said Moeldoko at the Presidential Palace.

Moeldoko said help will be given in the middle of the sea, so that ships that had Rohingnya refugees do not need to enter the territory of the territory of Indonesia. Patrols conducted by the Indonesian Navy and air force will also be deployed to guard the sea of Indonesia remain sterile.

According to Moeldoko, this step was taken because of the existence of these illegal refugees thus raises social issues. He cites the case of immigrants from the Middle East who wanted to go to Australia but is stuck in Indonesia which later gives rise to social problems. “Public Enema Indonesia itself is not easy, no longer saddled with this issue,” said Moeldoko.

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When asked how the fate of the Rohingya refugees if no country would want to accommodate, Moeldoko dispute commented. He said it is the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The TNI only served to keep the sea area of Indonesia is not penetrated by foreign residents.

If we open access, there will be largest exodus to Indonesia,” he said.

While the Rohingya refugees to have first saved by the fishermen in Aceh, Moeldoko stated that later on will be discussed between the Governments of the two countries.

The Rohingya have received for decades of discrimination in Myanmar. Rejected as a citizen by Myanmar, a mostly muslim tribes that do not have the status.

Their access to education and health services are limited and their freedom to move is very restricted. In the last three years, attacks against the Rohingya has killed 280 people and forced 140,000 others fled into the densely populated camps outside of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, the region they live under conditions which are deplorable, with no chance to make a living.

This triggered one of the largest boat people exodus of currents in the region since the war in Vietnam. Recorded around 100,000 men, women and children on board to seek a better livelihood by June 2012, according to the UN High Commission for refugees.

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