Traveling Yogyakarta by Hotel’s Pedicab

Yogyakarta is known with its thick cultural. Just look at the historic buildings that are fairly well preserved even today to be a cultural object.

Not surprisingly, tourism in Yogyakarta are sharply increase. More and more tourists both foreign and local tourists flocked to visit Yogyakarta, both with the goal of studying the existing cultural tours and enjoy the attractions provided.

Support of Yogyakarta tourism growing up leaves, the necessary accommodation support one is lodging. Many hotels built in Yogyakarta to meet demand for hotel rooms that are higher in the region.

Many ways that can be done to promote tourism. Hotel Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta choose pedicab promotion. A few pedicabs are often available at several points around the city, “towed” to the hotel to intentionally made pedicab (read in Javanese: becak).

Becak are colored according to the brand. They were deliberately left to settle in front of the hotel. The goal to be able to take hotel guests who want to enjoy the beautiful streets of the city. Indeed, when it’s in Yogyakarta, if you have not yet fitted rickshaw ride it.

Although travel by pedicab could not be drove too far, but the fair can achieve some favorite places to visit in Yogyakarta. Call it such as Malioboro, Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace, Taman Sari, and the square.

Hotel Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta has a name that reflects the side of Java. This is also reflected in the decoration of the rooms in each. When the note, in each of the walls are hand-painted in spite of a different color background. There are brownish, purplish-colored.

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