U.S.: UN Voting on Palestine Obstacle To Peace

United States said that the UN vote update status of Palestine on Thursday created obstacles to peace between the Palestinians and Israel, a close ally of Washington.

“The resolution is regrettable and counterproductive today creates a further obstacle in the efforts towards peace. That’s why the United States opposed it,” said United States Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, at the UN General Assembly.

United States and Israel are among only nine States that does not support global support for a resolution that gives the status of an observer non-member Palestinian Authority to the United Nations.

Rice dismissed the importance of history, if mostly symbolic U.N. ballot.

“A big announcement today will soon fade and the Palestinian people will find a few changes in their life when tomorrow comes, except the prospect of lasting peace it is fading,” he said.

“This resolution does not specify that Palestine is a country, today’s vote should not be misinterpreted to anyone as the feasibility of forming UN membership.” she said, echoing previous speeches delivered by envoys to Israel.

Rice said that only through direct negotiations between related parties that can make the Palestinians and Israel reach a decent peace for both.

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