Ubuntu OS Phone Ready In Galaxy Nexus

Google Nexus smartphone user later will not only get to enjoy the Android operating system only. Ahead they could also infuse their device with Ubuntu Operating System Phones, that are prepared by The Canonical.

Through its website on Friday (02/15/2013), The Canonical announced that for those who want to enjoy the sophistication of the Ubuntu Operating System Phone can try it in the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 on 21 February.

As for the purpose of the release it was committed so that the developers or users of the Nexus in the accustomed to using Ubuntu OS Phones, so it will be easier for them to create applications that support.

In addition, in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 which will take place later this month in Barcelona, Spain, Canonical will perform with one booth that allows visitors to use Ubuntu on their devices, the Phone is not limited to just the Nexus.

As is known, Canonical has previously been described that Ubuntu will be able to run any Android device, remembering they had same of ‘common ancestor’: Linux.

So for those of you Android device users, get ready to welcome the new arrivals operating system.

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