Universities In Yogyakarta Unfriendly For Disabilities

Universities in Yogyakarta have not provided equal opportunities to everyone. Proven policy in favor of disabilities still minimal to access higher education.

“If counted, disabled people who access higher education less than one percent or zero point if so,” said Chairman of the Center for Studies and Disability Services UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Ro’fah at UIN Sunan Kalijaga campus on Friday (01/18/2013) in a series of events Holding Hands Movement (HHM), which will be held in Lembah Gadjah Mada University on Sunday (01/20/2013).

Learning from this issue, the Chairman of HHM of Yogyakarta, Risnawati Utami revealed that colleges needs to develop a curriculum and infrastructure that is friendly to disability. “Gadjah Mada University for example, as one of the largest college campuses in Indonesia is still not to be sensitive to disabilities. Slightly access can be used as lift or other,” she explained.

HHM efforts to seek public awareness of the existence of a disability. On Sunday participants will be asked to perform in a play as a disability, either by using a wheelchair, cane or blindfolds, she added.

Risna said the way Indonesia is expected perceptions can be formed. That disability also requires a chance to be independent.

Activities will be held this weekend set to be attended by 1,000 participants of non-disability an disability of Yogyakarta, Solo and Malang. Starting at 07.00 AM local time, GKR Hemas and the Rector of the University of Gadjah Mada, Pratikno will open the event.

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