USD 30,000 Australia Bribes For The On Board Ship Crew To Return To Indonesia Territory

Rote Police Department, East Nusa Tenggara, confiscate money of USD 30,000 from the six crew members were carrying asylum seekers to Australia. The money was a bribe from the Australian authorities that the ship back into Indonesian waters.

Police Public Relations Head AKBP Ronalzie Agus said, each crew was given USD 5,000. They were asked to sail back to Indonesia until finally secured in Rote.

From photo documentation of the Police, looks money fractional dollar is USD 100. The fresh money is seen still wrapped in a white envelope.

We are handling such as people smuggling this year is how we deal with the immigration law of human smuggling. Only these unique they claim to be given money by the Australian to bring immigrants into our waters,” said Agus

The crew is now detained at the police station Rote. They are charged with the Immigration Act of 2011.

Based on the inspection results, this is the first case the ship crew were given money in order to return to Indonesia. But not yet sure which Australia authorities handed over the money and the meaning.

But the purpose they give the money that we can not be 100 percent sure. Those who know,“.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott previously did not deny there are efforts to provide money to repel asylum seekers to Australia. In fact, he called the move as a way of creative.

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Meanwhile, TNI commander General Moeldoko and Jusuf Kalla criticism.

The Government of Australia to pay thousands of dollars to human smugglers in order to ship crews back to Indonesia. Vice President Jusuf Kalla was appraised violated agreements with the United Nations.

They violated its own rules that are already approved. Australia joined the U.N. Covenant on human trafficking,“.

The agreement in question is an International Convention of 1951 and the 1967 Protocol on the status of refugees. Jusuf Kalla said the way Australia that drove out refugees from areas of its territory is unethical actions.

It’s not ethical. The world rate it is also unethical.

The Government has not yet to take a stance will be a matter of the Australia Act.

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