Wikipedia Loses Editors

Wikipedia, the largest sites in the world, lost a lot of English editors, crippling the ability to maintain speed with its mission as a source of knowledge online, according to a research led by Aaron Halfaker from the Universty of Minnesota found that the number of collaborators or volunteer editors declined from about 56,000 in 2007 to around 35,000 by the end of 2012.

Aaron say there are numbers of reasons, including the rise of automated programs calls bots, but also stated that some potential contributors made desperate by the structure of Wikipedia.

Some of the changes made to the Wikipedia community to regulate quality and consistency in the face of a big growth in participation, but disabling the growth that they are designed to manage it.

Particularly, the restrictions of the main quality control mechanism of esiklopedia and tools the algorithms used to refuse contributions, implicates as the main cause of the decline of the retention of new entrants.

They say that even though Wikipedia is trying to reduce the editors are incompetent, the order also makes new users of editor despair when their contributions were deleted.

Wikipedia has several editions in 285 languages. Its founder, Jimmy Wales stated his need to make Wikipedia more open to the newcomers, to compete with a host of information to be processed.

But the authors of the research say that Wikipedia was compounded by a rule that seeks to improve its quality.

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Wikipedia is changed from the encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone into the encyclopedia that only edited by people who understand the norms, socialize them self, avoiding rejection of semi-auto and still want to contribute on a voluntary basis.

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