Supporters of ISIS spread in The ASEAN countries

Supporters of ISIS in the Philippines also is thought to have emerged in the past year. The arrest of a Moslem leader of Australia, Robert Moses, aka Cerantonio, 29 years old, on Friday morning, July 11, 2014 in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines, as evidence of the recruitment efforts of Filipinos as a supporter of ISIS involving foreign nationals. Robert actively conduct lectures and recruitments supporting ISIS on Basilan and Sulu province in southern Philippines.

Robert is using social media to recruit supporters of ISIS, such as Facebook and Youtube. Through YouTube, he called for jihad and the call to war in Iraq and Syria, and kill the leaders of the West.

Found also two video shows a number of Moslem citizens of the Philippines who declared his support to ISIS. Flag of ISIS aired on the video.

According to Sidney, support a number of ASEAN citizens of ISIS is still acidic moral support rather than the intention to open official offices in ASEAN ISIS. “But we don’t know if it will gradually go to there (make a formal Office in ASEAN ISIS),” he said.

To prevent the strengthening of ISIS in ASEAN, the governments of ASEAN countries need to address this issue seriously. “We have to look forward to the development will look like,” said terrorism analyst.

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