Yogyakarta Glanced To Host The Festival of Korea

Successfully introduced Korean culture festival, Yogyakarta ogled as the annual host of the same event. Representative Gongsin Indonesia, Anggit Tut Pinilih describes the implementation of the Korean Youth Festival is the ultimate event of a series of activities held Gongsin Indonesia. In addition to the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Jakarta hosted the activities. Supporters of the event, Korea Telecom said the annual exercise of weighing the central location for a similar event.

“Jakarta as the capital city for the world of business and CSR activities is indeed prospective city. But Yogyakarta also be a consideration because the enthusiasm here was greater. Looking ahead, this event will be annual, but not sure where it will be,” she explained when found on the sidelines of the event the Korean Youth Festival with the theme of ‘An nyeong Indonesia’ in the Atrium Mall Galeria on Saturday (1/19/2013).

Previously, she said, Indonesia hosted Gongsin ‘Korea-Indonesia Cultural Learning’ at SMAN 1 Bantul. About 30 high school students who attended the class not only learn Korean language and culture, but also the introduction of e-learning.

Anggit convey the meantime, enthusiastic students of SMAN 1 Bantul towards e-learning is quite positive. Evident from the appearance of the input from the students regarding the content or variants of lessons and materials that need to be uploaded in the website Gongsin Indonesia.

As a thank you, Gongsin Indonesia also organizes cultural bazaar Korea that show various knick-knacks, cultures, predilection to the food of the country’s ginseng. “Visitors who want to just buy a coupon rate of IDR 5,000 and can buy cosmetics, knick-knacks, like Kimbap food, kimchi, etc.. The results of the coupon will be used for Gongsin social action,” she explained.

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