Yogyakarta Royal Palace is considered to be able to combine tradition with modern culture

While attending the wedding of the daughter of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, it looks the flexibility in the implementation of the Royal Wedding. The Palace managed to combine tradition with modern expression in the celebration.

This is evidence of the Palace was so flexible in an increasingly modern society.

Hoped, the Royal family was able to maintain a high culture of Java, but also not covered the development of the times.

In addition, new bride to couples, and Hayu GKR KPH Notonegoro to maintaining the sustainability of the culture Palace. With the background of both partners in the field of technology, it is not impossible the Palace becoming increasingly flexible in the face of changing times.

And keep in mind, should also keep KPH Notonegoro dignity and good name of Yogyakarta Kingdom.

A number of other figures also come as Mahfud M.D., Anies Baswedan and “Buya” Maarif Al-Shaafa’i. Mahfud also holds the Royal Wedding, this time it’s interesting being able to combine tradition and modern culture of the Palace.

This is arguably the great party with a fusion of cultures and promoting diversity.
images courtesy: © Kraton Wedding

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