Yogyakarta Tourism Attractions Declining

The Association of Travel Agencies (ASITA) Chapter The Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) felt there were symptoms of a decline of Yogyakarta tourism competitiveness in recent years.

“The competitiveness of tourism of Yogyakarta have started declining in some time,” said the Secretary General of the ASITA Chapter Yogyakarta, Hendro Listiyanto in discussion “Prospects of Yogyakarta Tourism Competitiveness in 2013” in Yogyakarta on Monday (21/1/2013).

He says, it has already started declining from the alleged interest of tourists, especially foreign tourists for a visit to Yogyakarta.

The tourism industry is already starting feels that Yogyakarta is already no longer a second tourist destinations of Bali. The “Yogya is inferior to Bandung, which is cheaper to be bundled and offered to tourists. Foreign tourists of India, South Korea, and Russia increased to Bali but they did not visit Yogyakarta.” he said.

For example, tourists from Taiwan, before the monetary crisis in 1997, accounting for the largest from time to time a visit to Yogyakarta, even reached 400 thousand to 500 thousand people per month, but now there is almost no one who visited the city.

Chairman of Asita Chapter Yogyakarta, Edwin Ismedi Himna, on equal opportunity argues, the symptoms decrease competitiveness of Yogyakarta tourism one of them due to the expensive price of the package tour to Yogyakarta.

Tour package prices of admission to the tourist attractions are expensive, such as Borobudur is currently reaching $ 20.00 each person. This was irrelevant prices.

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During these foreign tourists chose Bali as their main destination and when they arrived in Bali they were given the choice of optional tours including Yogyakarta, Toraja, or Lombok. The fact that almost no one chose Yogyakarta because costly at the most expensive compared with other optional destinations.

Related the issues, ASITA Yogyakarta asked the managers of tourist destinations as well as policy makers together engaged industry players when deciding policies related to the tourism sector.

Raising the price of admission also must involve the tourism industry’s. All for the sake of Yogyakarta tourism competitiveness is better.

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